2016 E-News NO.11

News Express 
▲National Development and Reform Commission released the report on the economic performance of the chemical industry for the first three quarters of this year, indicating an 8.6 % increase in industry added value but a 0.9% drop in growth rate. Among the major products, the output of rubber tires increased by 7.3% to 700,470,000 units; the output of synthetic rubber increased by 7.6% to 4,010,000 tons..
▲SR output of China in 2016 reached 507,000 tons, increasing by 15.5% compared with the same period of last year. 
▲Statistics of China Rubber Industry Association showed that tire output of its member enterprises increased by 4.01%. Radial tires output increased by 5.32%, all steel radial tires increased by 3.14% and semi-steel radial tires increased by 6.1%. Tire output decreased by 0.84%, output value decreased by 7.99% and sales revenue decreased by 3.68%.
▲Total equity of Triangle Tire Co. Ltd was increased to 800 million RMB after initial public offerings.

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