2018-E-NEWS NO.05

News Express :

Customs data showed that China's tire export volume fell sharply in March. In March, China exported 36,530,000 units of new inflatable rubber tires, decreasing by 10.8% compared with last year; valued at RMB 7,981,000,000, decreasing by 0.8% compared with last year. From January to March, China exported 112,190,000 units of new inflatable rubber tires, increasing by 3.4% compared with last year; valued at RMB 22,563,000,000, increasing by 10.1% compared with last year.

BLACKCAT (002068) released its annual report on the evening of April 23, showing that the revenue of year 2017 reached RMB 6,947,000,000, increasing by 58.58% compared with last year; net profit reached RMB 481,000,000, increasing by 411% compared with last year.

In 2018, growth of automobile sales in China has slowed down. Passenger cars and commercial vehicles growth rate were 3% and 2% respectively. Affected by this, the tire industry also entered the stage of microgrowth, with a total tire output of 676,000,000 units, increasing by 3.5%. Among them, radial tires reached 636,000,000 units, increasing by 3.7% (133,000,000 units of all steel tires, increasing by 2%; and 503,000,000 units of semi-steel tires, increasing by 4.5%). China's carbon black production is expected to rise steadily, reaching 5,900,000 tons over the same period, with an annual growth rate of 7%.

From January to March in 2018, China's total imports of the major synthetic rubber reached 327,000 tons, decreasing by 21% compared with last year (84,000 tons). China's total exports of synthetic rubber reached 370,000 tons, increasing by 64%, compared with last year (15,000 tons).

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