2023-E-NEWS NO.02

News Express :

▲Haian Rubber Group Co., Ltd.-Giant radial OTR tyre forming, vulcanization production line expansion project is entering the stage of environmental impact assessment information Publicity. As we known , in order to meet market demand, Haian Rubber Group expansion again, the third phase of the expansion project to be on the basis of existing projects, in the original site reserved for the expansion of the land, the construction of annual output of 4690 new giant engineering radial tyre project. The total investment of the expansion project is RMB 234 million , and the total production capacity of the giant radial tyre can reach 28240 after completion.

▲Recently, Sailun Group announced a new investment decision. According to its own strategic planning and market demand, the company plans to carry out technical transformation and adjust the product structure of the OTR project in Qingdao Factory. Adjust the specifications of OTR below 49 inches to above 49 inches (including 49 inches). At the same time, part of the original OTR equipment of Qingdao factory will be relocated or disposed according to the project construction demand. The total investment of this technical renovation project is 833 million yuan, including 726 million yuan of construction investment and 107 million yuan of circulating funds.

▲On February 17, Henghui Security Co., Ltd. announced that it had signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Beijing University of Chemical Technology recently . It will establish an academician innovation center headed by academician Zhang Liqun between them , to comprehensively organize and implement medium - and long-term strategic cooperation by this platform, the cooperation is carried out around the construction of 10000-ton biodegradable polyester production line, the development of biodegradable gloves, the development of biodegradable gloves, and the development of biodegradable labor protection shoes. By promoting the in-depth research and development of bio-based biodegradable polyester rubber and other rubber materials in the fields of gloves, tires, shoe materials, etc., Henghui Security will develop into a leading enterprise in the field of green and environment-friendly bio-based and biodegradable rubber as soon as possible.

▲On February 21, Qingdao Sentury Tire Co., Ltd. released its 2022 annual report. According to the announcement, Sentury achieved operating revenue of about 6.292 billion yuan in 2022,, up 21.53% year on year; The net profit attributable to the parent company was about 801 million yuan, up 6.30% year on year. The annual tire output was 21986300, down 2.02% year on year; The sales volume of tires was 22632500, up 6.55% year on year.

▲On February 21, Qingdao Double Star Co., Ltd. announced that in order to accelerate the implementation of the "localization" strategy, accelerate the development of the international market, especially China's export high-tariff market, actively respond to international trade barriers, and improve the international competitiveness of Double Star tires, the holding subsidiary Qingdao Double Star Tire Industry Co., Ltd. proposed to jointly establish Double Star (Cambodia) Tire Co., Ltd. in conjunction with UBE DEVELOPMENT Co., Ltd. The joint venture, as the main body of the project implementation, invested in the construction of an annual production of 8.5 million high-performance radial tires (including 7 million semi-steel radial tires and 1.5 million all-steel radial tires). The total investment of the project is about 1.438 billion yuan.


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