Rubber latex Business Dept

Rubber latex Business Dept.
    Rubber latex Business Dept has been dealing with the business of importing natural latex for home sales and agent.

According to International Standard ISO2004-1979, we supply various kinds of natural latex, including TAVORN, THAI HUA, TONG THAI, SRI TRANG, VON BUNDIT etc. These are all well-known brand in the natural latex field, which can be used to produce so many latex products such as condom, clinical gloves and so on.
We also sell different brands of natural latex produced form Hainan like Meilian, Xilian, Honghuang under strict national standard GB/T 8289-2001 and offer latex to the manufacturers who do cancel after verification.
Nowadays, our clients have been expanded from seven designated condom manufactories to various latex product factories. With stable supply channel aboard, good quality, reasonable price and perfect after sale service, we have won great reputation among our clients.
International standard (I.S.O 2004-1979) prescribes the main indexes for natural rubber latex 60% DRC H.A. as follows:
Total Solid Content %61.5 min
Dry Rubber Content %60.0 min
Non-Rubber Solid %2.0 max
Mechanical Stability at 55% SEC650 min
Rubber latex Business Dept effusively welcomes all the insiders in the field of rubber to consult with us.
Please contact with: DAI JINGUI
TEL:010-58650282,58650099-210(DAI JINGGUI)
FAX:010-58650288   E-MAIL:djg@chrubber.com

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