2017 E-News NO.09

News Express 
China's car sales in August recovered with a year-on-year growth. Output and sales of automobiles reached 2,093,000 units and 2,186,000 units respectively, increasing by 1.6% and 10.9% compared with the same period of last month, and increasing by 4.8% and 5.3% compared with the same period of last year. From January to August, output and sales of automobiles reached 17,678,000 units and 17,511,000 units respectively, increasing by 4.7% and 4.3% compared with the same period of last year.
According to the General Administration of Customs of China, NR (including latex) imports for August 2017 reached 565,000 tons, and for January to August reached 4,451,000 tons, increasing by 24.3% compared with 3,580,000 tons of last year. The value of imports increased 78.9% compared with last year. The increase in import value is much higher than imports volume, so the price of international rubber market continues to strengthen. Rubber inventory in Qingdao Free Trade Port Zone decreased to 203,300 tons by August 2017, decreased 23,100 tons compared with last period of the year. 
According to the Ministry of Transport of China, the accumulated passenger capacity of nationwide highway reached 9,870,000,000 units, decreasing by 4.7% compared with last year; passenger turnover reached 66,469,000,000 units per kilometer, decreasing by 4.2% compared with last year; the accumulated volume of freight traffic reached 23,210,000,000 tons, increasing by 10.6% compared to last year; turnover of freight traffic reached 4,191,420,000,000 tons per kilometer, increasing 10.2% by compared with last year.
National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) has released the survey on the performance of chemical industry for July. The value added for chemical industry of July increased by 2.1% compared with last year, growth rate decreased by 6.7% compared with last year. Of the major products manufactured, the output of SR reached 3,330,000 tons, increasing by 5.6%; synthetic fibre reached 27,420,000 tons, increasing by 4.3%, rubber tires reached 484,130,000 units, increasing by 7.7%. 

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