2021-E-NEWS NO.10

News Express :

▲Sanming AF Silicon Materials Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Q&C shares, invested RMB 510,000,000 in the project. The construction unit entered the site in May. It is understood that Sanming AF will build a phase I project of 200,000 tons of sodium silicate production line and phase II project of 75,000 tons of high-end white carbon black production line. Among them, the first water glass production line of the first phase project is scheduled to be put into operation on June 30, 2022, and the first high-end white carbon black production line of the second phase project is scheduled to be put into operation on December 30, 2022. After the project is fully put into operation, Sanming AF will be able to produce 200,000 tons of water glass and 150,000 tons of white carbon black annually, with an estimated annual output value of RMB 1,200,000,000 to RMB 1,500,000,000.
▲A few days ago, Jiangxi Black Cat Carbon Black Co., Ltd. issued an announcement on foreign investment. The company intends to invest in the construction of the "120,000 tons of carbon black project" by its subsidiary, Wuhai Black Cat Carbon Black Co., Ltd. The project is expected to have a total investment of RMB 180,130,000 to build two new production lines of 60,000 tons of carbon black, as well as supporting steam tractor units. After the project is put into operation, it can produce 120,000 tons of carbon black annually, and the by-product carbon black tail gas can be used to generate 48,000,000 kWh of electricity annually.
▲Recently, the Guizhou Tyre Co., Ltd. tire recycling project conducted environmental assessment publicity. The total investment of the project is RMB 40,546,000, and the annual output of reclaimed rubber will be 5,000 tons after the completion of the construction. The main raw material of the project comes from the used tires of Guizhou Tyre. The crushing of waste tires is automated equipment, and the reclaimed rubber is desulfurized and extruded by a multi-stage screw method.
▲Recently, the first 5G fully connected factory in Guizhou Province built by Guizhou Tyre Co., Ltd. was officially completed. As a partner of Guizhou Tire, Jingyuan Electromechanical, a subsidiary of Saixiang Technology, provided AGV intelligent logistics system and technical service support for it. The 5G fully connected factory project is based on the innovative production line of the third phase of Guizhou Tire's factory, and uses 5G private network technologies as the core to support a complete production line, which improves the consistency of data transmission and analysis between the system and the system.
▲The board of directors of Sailun Group Co., Ltd. agreed that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Sailun (Hong Kong), will invest an additional RMB 1,112,010,000 to increase the annual production capacity of semi-steel radial tires for the Cambodia project to 9,000,000 units. The construction of this project can better meet the needs of overseas markets for Sailun tire products, and further enhance Sailun's ability to deal with international trade barriers, which is of great significance to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and expand market share.
▲Not long ago, Prinx Chengshan (Anhui) Tire Co., Ltd. invested RMB 5,071,300,000 in the auto parts project and obtained the record. The land used in the tire production area is divided into two phases, of which the total construction area of the first phase is 337,100 square meters, and the total construction area of the second phase is 167,500 square meters. The designed capacity of the project is to produce 2,000,000 units of all-steel radial truck tires, 10,000,000 units of semi-steel radial tires, 150,000 units of all-steel engineering radial tires and 2,000,000 sets of air springs per year.
▲Recently, Anhui Zhongding Shock Absorbing Rubber Technology Co., Ltd. announced that it has become a bulk supplier of chassis lightweight assembly products for the new energy platform project of BYD Automobile Industry Co., Ltd. The project period is 4 years and the total amount is about RMB 282,000,000.

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