2023-E-NEWS NO.01

News Express :

On January 4, high performance radial tire expansion project of Cooper Tire (Kunshan) Company Ltd. completed registration. The project is invested by Cooper (Kunshan) Tire Co., LTD., with a total investment of 200 million US dollars and a new registered capital of 88 million US dollars. The project plans to expand the original production line and increase the annual production capacity of 1.1 million tires. At the same time, the new plant will increase the annual production capacity of 2.6 million high-performance radial tires. After the upgrade and expansion of the project, it will mainly produce high-performance radial silent tires for new energy vehicles, and its annual average operating revenue is expected to reach RMB 1.05 billion.

On January 4, Mesnac released the annual performance forecast of 2022. It was estimated that the net profit attributable to equity would be RMB 190-220 million in 2022, with a year-on-year growth of 33.56%-54.65%. Mesnac said that the company's rubber equipment business kept growing. They continued to promote the application of product standardization and modularization, accelerated the intelligent upgrading of process equipment, constantly enriched product functions and improved product quality and delivery efficiency in 2022. Meanwhile, they continued to increase investment in research and development of new products and technologies. The product structure was constantly enriched and optimized, the operational efficiency was gradually improved, and the profitability of the company was continuously improved.

▲On December 27, The Foundation laying ceremony of the second plant project of Himile (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was held in Thai-China Rayong Industrial Park. Qiu Jinliang, general manager of Himile Thailand, said that at present, facing the decline of the epidemic and the recovery of the global economy, the expansion of production capacity of Thai factories is a topic for Himile. Under the support of Thai-China Rayong Industrial Park, the land of Himle Thailand No. 2 Factory covering an area of 62 Lai was delivered, and China Construction (Thailand) Co., Ltd. won the bid for construction, and the construction started on December 27. It is reported that the project covers an area of nearly 100,000 square meters, the planned production workshop is nearly 60,000 Sqm, and the office area is 4,500 Sqm. The first phase project covers a total area of nearly 30,000 Sqm, and the second phase construction will be promoted as soon as possible after operation of the first phase project.

▲Qingdao Sentury Tire Co., Ltd. announced that it plans to raise no more than RMB 4 billion. Of which, RMB 3.493 billion will be used for Spain's annual production of 12 million high-performance cars and light truck radial tires, and RMB 507 million will be used to supplement working capital. Qingdao Sentury Tire Co., Ltd said that it is expected to become the first smart tire factory of Chinese tire enterprises in Europe and the United States after the completion of the project, and it is conducive to continuously promoting the global layout and implementing the "833 plus" strategic plan.

▲Recently, the EIA report of Hubei Linglong Tire Co., Ltd. "annual output of 100,000 tons of bead wire project" was announced before approval. The EIA report to be approved shows that the project is planned to be constructed in the reserved space of Hubei Linglong Tire Base, covering an area of 96.4 mu, with an investment of 229,000,000 RMB. The product scale of the project is that the output of Φ1.55mm steel wire for all-steel radial tires is 62,500 tons/year, and the output of Φ0.96mm steel wire for semi-steel radial tires is 37,500 tons/year.

▲On January 18, Jinneng Science and Technology Co., Ltd. announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Jinneng Chemical (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. will invest in the establishment of a wholly-owned company, and the new company name will be Jinneng New Materials (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. The new company is located in Huangdao District, Qingdao, with a planned investment of 2,000,000,000 RMB.
▲On January 4, an annual 30,000-ton SSBR production line of Baling Petrochemical Company successfully produced Ferri-Branching-reacted butadiene-piperylene rubber. This is the first time the product was industrialized in China. The creation, synthesis and application technology of this product is jointly developed by Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Bioprocess Technology (QIBEBT), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and leading scientific and technological enterprises such as Baling Petrochemical, Linglong Tire, Sentury Tire, Haohua Tire, etc. The Ferri-Branching-reacted butadiene-piperylene rubber technology research team will continue to tackle key problems, improve the production capacity of the device, expand the high-performance tire market, and further promote the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise's synthetic rubber products from conventional to high-end.

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